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How do we make money?

Our website writes a lot of reviews and offers useful data for every user. Our goal is to make your online dating experience simple, convenient, and accessible. Our dating experts write articles with tips and secrets to find true love online. And, as you may see, is free to use! To maintain our site free, we cooperate with online platforms with mail order brides and promote them. In other words, we receive compensation for advertising online dating services. Kindly note that such cooperation can influence the order of sites in our ratings.

How the reviews are created?

The process of writing a review can be lengthy and complicated, which is why we have a lot of people involved in this process. To gain enough insight, we use different sources. Our analysts conduct surveys, communicate with people directly, and make everything possible to gain as much data as one can. Each member of our team knows what they are doing, so you can be sure that every single review contains the best tips ever.

Criteria of reviews

A review contains a lot of information about an online dating website. And it is our goal to make a dating site review detailed, brief, and informative. Usually, we include the most important criteria of a dating site in our reviews. We use stars to define the quality of a certain element, where 1 star is the lowest mark and 5 stars are the best mark.

Consumer choice

We need to know how many people use the site we want to review. Fortunately, there are sites like Semrush, Ahrefs, Seraking, and others that can help you learn a lot about the number of active members on any site.


We also need to know why so many people are using the site we review. To do so, we conduct surveys and gather personal data from members. Platforms such as Trustpilot, Instagram, Influenster, and others help a lot as they allow us to get useful information quickly.


A dating platform has to have a proper design. But it also should be comfortable and easy to use. Our designers and dating experts test every single navigation link and feature to ensure that even a newcomer could figure out how everything works.


Our team is responsible for browsing hundreds if not thousands of profiles on sites that we review. It is done to ensure that the site doesn’t have fake profiles to create a sense of popularity. If we see that a lot of profiles are fake, undetailed, or simply repeating, it can be a sign that the site is fraudulent.

Support managers

Support managers are an invaluable and inseparable part of any online dating website. It is our goal to communicate with customer services and evaluate their work. We try acting as if we were standard customers.