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Mail-order brides are women who are looking for a husband on special online resources. Compared to many Western women men meet amongst their locals, such girls have serious intentions and clear goals. Foreign brides are very popular today due to their conservativeness and unique traits of character. Living in a modern era, we cannot literally say that you buy a bride online. There are certain principles, which allow mail-order bride services effectively working.

Mail-order bride sites

If you want to find a mail-order wife, it is important to use a reliable website. It is an agency created by experts in the field who offer assistance and support in the search of your other half and your marriage organization. Being experienced in various issues concerning marriages between people from different countries, they can make the whole process easier for you. To find a bride, you are to pass through the following stages:

  • Registration on the website you selected
  • Creation of a profile (with photos, requirements, and description)
  • A search of a girl according to your parameters
  • Communication with a woman
  • Development of the relations (you can write, call, send gifts or flowers, and even meet in real life if you have enough money)
  • Marriage organization.

Note that your search might last for months or even longer because it is not easy to find a soulmate and true love in a second. However, with mail-order bride services, it is much faster while you can spend years in real life and get nothing.

Why do girls become mail-order brides?

There are various reasons to become one of the Internet brides. There is a common misconception that such ladies are interested in money and just want to marry a wealthy man and live a carefree life. It might be partially true but the majority of girls have other aims in the first place.

Many countries such women live in are developing economies, so the standards of living are lower than in Western countries. It is a frequent case when girls have to work hard to make their living and support their families. At the same time, mail-order brides have self-respect and special character. They want to live a happy life with someone they really love. Thus, mail-order bride websites are a perfect solution for them.

Let’s consider other possible reasons to become an Internet bride:

  • To get access to a larger number of men
  • To live in a society with a better attitude towards girls
  • To find men with serious intentions
  • To get an education or a better job
  • To find a soulmate able to understand them
  • To create a family and have kids.

How to select the best and safest dating sites?

To find a good wife, it is vital to use reliable websites. There are several criteria to consider when selecting a suitable resource:

  • The website’s interface. A reliable resource will always have a user-friendly interface. Pay attention to the comfort of navigation. It should be easy to view profiles.
  • The users’ security. Make sure personal information is well protected. Be very attentive to the policy of the agencies. It is perfect if special protection means are used such as ID verification.
  • Prices. There are free and chargeable sites. Pricing might be different. For example, you might be asked to pay for the registration, premium access, additional services, etc.
  • Types of girls. Look through the profiles to make certain there are girls of the preferable nationality. Think about whether you can find women meeting your requirements.
  • Support of the users. You should be assisted by experts at any time you need it. It is perfect if the site offers 24/7 support.
  • Reviews. Read the reviews of the website users on various issues. Thus, you can better understand how reliable and effective the services are. It is essential to pay attention to the general overview and stories of successful marriages.

Which countries are better?

Foreign brides come from various countries. Some of them are well developed while others are developing economies. It is hard to say, which mail-order bride countries are the best. Everything depends on your requirements.

The features of girls from the best countries for mail-order brides

Look at the girls from the most popular countries and their features:

  • Vietnam. Such girls are full of life and joy. With their conservative family values and respect to their men, they are wonderful wives.
  • Thailand. They have a very exotic appearance. Those girls are seductive and hard-working.
  • The Philippines. They are known for a strong character, traditional views, and femininity. They are able to support during hard times.
  • Japan. Lots of people say such women are the most beautiful among Asians. They’re smart, faithful, and respectful. They are known for their perfect manners.
  • Russia. They are called the most beautiful in the world. They’re clever, family-oriented, and supportive. They are wonderful mothers while self-realization is also important for them.
  • Colombia. With dark eyes and tanned skin, such girls are very seductive. They are funny and extremely passionate. They are faithful wives with traditional views.

Legal issue

Plenty of men searching for a wife live in the US. The government issued several legal acts concerning mail-order brides. The most prominent act is IMBRA. It concerns sensitive information about foreign brides. It is allowed to marry US citizens only if the following conditions are observed:

  • a questionnaire on concerning criminal and financial background of a man is completed
  • the record from the database of the US National Sex Offenders Public Registry is provided
  • the information is translated and certified permission from the woman is obtained.

As soon as a mail-order bride is in the US, the process for obtaining citizenship would be the same as any other person. Marriage to a U.S. citizen is the most obvious means of doing this but the government is careful to investigate the validity of such marriages.

The countries brides come from also have peculiarities. In the Philippines, Anti Mail-Order-Bride Law was signed prohibiting women marrying foreigners. Thus, many agencies are based outside the country.

The agencies usually help with paper issues, translations, and any possible problems, which can occur in a bride’s country or in a man’s country.

The cost of mail-order wives

Depending on a definite site, you may need to pay for:

  • registration
  • premium access
  • additional services.

You will often need to buy credits to send messages, call, send gifts, etc. In addition, you can order flower delivery or even travel to the girl’s country. Thus, you will need to pay for a flight and accommodation.

How to save money with online dating?

With foreign brides, you can forget about wasting time and money. It is possible for the following reasons:

  • There is no necessity to organize extraordinary dates
  • The women are serious, so both of you are aimed at marriage
  • You can send flowers or just virtual gifts to impress her
  • You don’t have to organize an expensive ceremony because girls from developing countries are more moderate.


With a deeper understanding of mail-order brides, you can easily start your search for real love. Select the type of girls you like and consider your requirements to make the right choice.